Get Fit with Stylish & Affordable Activewear

Get fit with this super stylish & affordable gear from an unexpected retailer that you already know of! Click here to get awesome gear from under $30 or pin for later!

Activewear is becoming a huge part of many people’s wardrobes.  I however, can not stand spending lots of money on workout gear.  I think it’s partly because when given the option between a pair of $100 Lululemon pants and a $100 pair of jeans or shoes, I will ALWAYS choose the jeans or shoes.  Also, because I grew up playing sports and I played sports in college, so I never had to buy my own workout clothes.  Now that I’m a real adult it’s not acceptable to hit the gym in my basketball shorts, so I’m trying to build up my adult workout wardrobe.   I’m always super stoked when I can find some affordable workout gear.  My usual go-to is the activewear sale section at Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx, but now I’m definitely going to throw Old Navy into the Mix!

Can you guys believe that the activewear above is all under $30 each?  Oh yeah and it’s from OLD NAVY.  Seriously,  I haven’t’ shopped at Old Navy since I needed rubber flip-flops for a beach vacation in high school.  I never thought for a second that they would have such on-trend, stylish, and functional activewear but they do!  I need those floral compression pants asap.

I just ordered a few items and I will do another post about how I like the items once I get them!  In the meantime, getcha yaself some stylish and wallet friendly activewear and the get to the gym to show it off.  I linked to a bunch of awesome items below!  If you guys feel the same way about activewear let me know and I will do a bigger roundup of all of my favorite affordable activewear retailers!  

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