This 1 Tip is the Key to Eating Healthy

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Have you ever thought about why eating healthy and working out are such anxiety-ridden practices?  We put so much pressure on ourselves to do them, which in turn causes anxiety, which is turn causes us to skip a workout or eat a piece of cake. The number 1 key to eating healthy is to TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF! 

Do you ever feel bad about yourself after working out? Or are you pissed that you worked out? No.  I sure as heck am not, and yet I still sometimes stress about the thought of having to go to the gym.

The same goes for eating.  Are you ever mad at yourself after having a really yummy salad or healthy meal? Nope, usually not.  But I’ll be thinking about that damn 2nd piece of cake for days, patiently awaiting its arrival to my hips.

The point I am trying to make is that being healthy makes us feel good about ourselves, so why is it something we put so much stress and anxiety into.  Just let it be. Take the pressure off of yourself and start thinking more positively about your health.  Instead of thinking “I’m fat, or I’m unhealthy and I NEED to start being healthier”, start thinking, “I’m a healthy person, who eats healthy food, and loves to workout.”

That’s not to say you can’t ever be unhealthy.  Part of taking the pressure off is allowing yourself to indulge every now and again without feeling bad.  The key to this is sticking to indulging only every now and then.  If you start thinking positively about health this will be easier.  Think of junk foods as drugs or alcohol.  When done responsibly every now and again it’s fun…do it everyday and you could become addicted, unhealthy, and possibly even die.

If you can train your brain to start thinking this way then being an overall healthy person will come naturally to you and you won’t even have to try.  But this doesn’t happen overnight, like anything worth doing it takes time and a little bit of work.  The first and most important thing you can do on your journey to being healthy is to take the pressure off of yourself by training your brain to naturally think and act with a healthy mindset.

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