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Styling a Camo Jacket in Paris

SO, I’m not the biggest camo fan.  I don’t know why because think it can look super cool if you style it correctly.  I also obviously support anything that represents our military.  But for myself, I’ve never been a superfan of the camo trend.  So when I get given a one-of-a-kind Moncler camo print jacket with gold glitter detailing (thank you to my sister’s mother-in-law), WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO? Well,  she’s to figure out a goddamn way to style it.  

But first, let me tell you something about the day I took these pictures.  My boyfriend and I were in Paris because we got a super awesome deal on flights.  We decided to go to Versailles on our third day there.  The train left early in the morning. The night before I drank too much wine and ate the best meal of my entire life.  I was incredibly hung over for the first few hours at Versailles. Essentially what I’m saying is, please don’t judge my face and hair in these photos…just pay attention to the outfit. Thanks!

Back to the outfit.  If you’re going to style camo then the camo needs to be the star, which is why I paired this jacket with all black everything else.  I did sneakers because, well if you’ve never been to Versailles then let me tell you, it’s huge.  There’s the Palace and then there are miles upon miles of “gardens” aka a massive park that puts Central Park to shame. To give you some context, Versailles is just over 3 square miles and Central Park is just over 1 square mile.  Okay back to the sneakers, you’re welcome for the history lesson.  Sneakers were a must and these Nikes were the perfect pair because they went with everything.  Of course, I only packed black so it’s really no surprise that they went with everything.  The leather leggings kept this outfit comfortable but still stylish.  I also ended up wearing this jacket the whole rest of the trip because it had the most glorious wind blocking hood which really came in handy for Paris in February.  

Unfortunately,  this jacket was a wonderful and kind gift to me and it is no longer available for purchase.  But I did link to some of my favorite camo jackets out there right now that are both affordable and stylish.  Let me know what you think by commenting below! 

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